Tuesday, April 8, 2008

C. Heston would have won the Trans-Iowa!!!!

Charleston Heston recently passed on...That dude was tough!!! I love the way he used to race that bad boy chariot against all them bad guyz on black horses...
"He raced his chariot 90 per they still ask; What happened to Ben Hur?"
Hydrating the Rat: Leading up to a long race, I take my hydration very very seriously; combining a cutting edge scientific approach with a conscise committment to hypo-saturating my body (at the cellular level) with as much liquid carbohydrate as possible. Under the direction of local adult-beverage experts, with just a few weeks to go, I am in full-on R&R taper mode w/ an emphasis on extreme"ultraCarbo-loading"; utilizing a wonderful, albeit ancient recuperative energizing elixir comprised of naturally fermented barley, hops, malts,and other vigorous & purely natural ingredients...Itz all "organic." This is serious business and I am committed to arriving in Iowa fully carbo-loaded...Nope, I wont be able to claim lack of carbo-loading for a poor effort in Iowa, which is a comforting thought... :)

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