Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A March to Folly awaits in Iowa..........

Tormented by the demons of the night…Any adequately caffeinated cheerful soul can ride a bike for a long time during the day. Yet, the same cannot be said of the hours of darkness. For the darkness of night forces latent, albeit forceful, dramatic, and even desperate uncertainties to the fore; even the most gregarious of us are not immune to its sinister forces. Inconsequential aches and pains, trivial pet-peeves, and minor rubs all are a thousand times magnified as one rides into the night. Questions of motivation, misapprehensions about life’s meaning, trepidations stemming thinking about one’s past and future all weight heavy and burdensome upon the NIGHT RIDER's tenuous mind…Such will be the case on this coming Saturday night...somewhere along the back-roads of Iowa strong, solid men, will break down and weep and shake their hands upward to the unforgiving blackness of night!………As you slip into your comfortable little abode this Saturday night, if for just an instant, think of those weary tormented souls astride their wheeled steeds of doom and count yourself LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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