Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almanzo 100 was a Blast...

We had great weather, a beautiful course, and a great pack of good old boyz...Terry Brannick, Dave Pramann (both wily veterans from the Arrowhead 135), Joe Meiser (super strong big fella from the Trans-Iowa), and I broke at the 65 mile mark while Jesse Rients and a couple others stopped to was perfecto as the four of us gapped the chase group and then rode well togther for the final 35 miles...I let the malcontented twitchy roadies do their little roadie sprint thingie at the very end with about 50 feet out from the finish. Of course any self-respecting mountain biker would not stoop to such a silly little stunt as to try and jump the finish at the very end, but I guess it takes all kinds. Of course, I am getting use to it as the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago at the Trans it goes...Anyway, it was nice for Terry to scoot over first as his lovely girl friend was there cheering him on. Going into town with about two miles to go, I thought that we should let Pramann go over first since he is soooooooooo old and all... The race was really well done and we all got ice cold Summit beers at the finish as well...Expect a full race report in a few dayz...

The official results for the Top 15: 1 - Terry Brannick - 5hrs. 44min; 2- Joseph Meiser - 5hrs. 44min; 3- David Pramann - 5hrs. 44min; 4 - Charlie Farrow - 5hrs. 44min; 5 - Jesse Rients - 6hrs. 2min; 6 - Death Rider - 6hrs. 2min;7 - Mario - 6hrs. 2min.8 - Gunnar - 6hrs. 11min. (First Fixed Gear)9 - Hurl - 6hrs. 28min.10 - Nick Oswald - 6hrs. 33min. (First Single Speed)11 - Sascha Boecker - 6hrs. 33min.12 - Andy Tetmeyer - 6hrs. 33min.13 - Tim Norrie - 6hrs. 33min.14 - Kevin Jargo - 6hrs. 40min. (Second Fixed Gear)15 - Andy Lambert - 6hrs. 46min.

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