Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doug Swanson puts on a Clinic at Eriks': MNSCS #1

A brief and spontaneous recap: The first MNSCS race was held this weekend on a flat course that appears to be part of an elementary school's extended playground. It was decidedly urban, but it was a BLAST!!!! This was the second time that I have raced this course and each time it has turned out to be somewhat of a wake-up call for me as it requires advanced cornering skills coupled with the ability to maintain a high top end (In other words, it kicks my butt every time)...The guyz that can pedal wide open through the corners without touching the brakes can really shine on this roller-coaster ride. Doug Swanson easily out-distanced the rest of the field. His lovely wife, Ann, was there and I love her because she always cheers for me!!!!! Hollywood Henderson was there as was Kyia; Two of my favorite people...Mike Bushey and Todd McFadden, good friends of mine from Duluth, made the trip down and both of them had great races...each finishing in the top 9 and in the $$$$...I love bike racing!!! And I am getting pumped for this Saturday's Almanzo 100...more to come.....

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