Friday, May 9, 2008

Let the RACES begin in earnest!!!!

A Belated Congratulations is due the four locals that competed over in IOLA, Wisconsin last weekend; namely Todd McFadden, Diane McFadden, Mike Bushey, and Scotty Kylander-Johnson…The McFadden’s turned in the most impressive efforts, but all were there and raced to the finish…and thatz what counts!!!!

This weekend is the first race of the Minnesota State Cycling Series (MNSCS) down in the Twin Cities…the author, while still plagued by an overactive glandular problem coupled with a severe clinical dependence on fermented liquid barley and wheat products as manifested by an embarrassing weight gain since Iowa, goes into the event with low personal expectations. But, look for others in the area to have great starts for what promises to be a great season of cycling!!!!


  1. you'll be happy to know Doug is racing a rigid 29er now. He smoked everyone at buck hill on thursday.

  2. Charlie, Dude great ride! I wish I could have dropped another gear to stick on your wheel, I was churning PB and it hurt.