Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cry all ya want...But ya still aint gettin' on THE LIST!!!!!

As usual the anticipated counterproductive laments from those left off this year’s list (2007 season) are filtering in…Itz the usual disgruntled suspects; a few maladjusted roadies coupled with one or two eccentric and malcontented runners. So desperate for recognition, the roadies just don’t seem to understand that their mundane pursuits on carefully groomed asphalt, given the context of the much more demanding and multidimensional off road courses, simply do not make the grade. While the runners, so ensconced from any sort of real danger or peril, call “foul” because of some self-perceived notion of purity in the act of putting foot to pavement. Let me just assure the runners that given the right circumstances (such as fleeing from the law or a gun-totting red neck) any mountain biker mentioned on my list could easily out run any skinny marathoner..

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