Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Circle of Life...

After a life time of austere academic experimentation, the circle is finally closed.

“Our Black Wheat arrives to relieve the bleak bore of Wisconsin's winter. Rich and chewy this bottle conditioned weiss is bursting with Midwestern wheat, oats, rye and finished by malted barley.” (Note: their winter is our spring. cpf)

Many greats have languished (and were ultimately defeated) to close the proverbial circle; Einstein’s forlorn efforts at unifying the infinite complexities of the universe into a singular concept and Wilson’s lonely endeavor to end the world of wars come immediately to mind.

For those of you that follow my work, you know that I too have a “dream.” A dream that many have dismissed as unworkable, impossible, and even ridiculously grandiose. Yet, like those sojourners before me, I too have born the slings and arrows of scornful criticism and reproach with grace and dignity. Of course the times of great personal despair and self-doubt were too innumerable to count, but even in my darkest moments I soldiered onward using those that fought so bravely before me as my inspiration. Confounded, ridiculed, and doubted even by those closest to me, recently I was on the brink of defeat.

It is sometimes the case that the darkest moments in pursuit of major achievements are right before the breaking of dawn; such was the case a few nights ago. Taking a brief respite from my work, in a dark pessimistic mood, I turned on the BBC news and began to take in stories of a bleak world on the precipice of catastrophic global disaster. I inadvertently cracked open a seasonal New Glarus product, Black Wheat. The black-as-midnight brew upon ingestion inexplicably caused my frame of mind to soar! I burst into tears of joy for I knew instantaneously that I had closed the circle!!! I had unintentionally discovered the missing link, the key to unifying my work. As I wept, and continued to drink this elixir of genius, my taste-buds were repeatedly overwhelmed by the beauty of nature in all its grandeur. By the second bottle, the ecstasy was too much to fathom or contemplate, so I simply immersed myself in the moment for I knew at that instant true, unabridged contentment...

So now we have it—a unified seasonal beer calendar specifically calibrated for complimenting all aspects of Northeastern Minnesota. Winter is for Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, Spring is for New Glarus’ Black Wheat, Summer is for Summit’s Pale Ale, and Fall is for New GlarusUff-Da. Special occasions require Bell’s Expedition Stout.

My work is finally done, I am exhausted, yet thrilled…

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  1. I so agree with you. Let me know if you can access Magic Hat from Vermont.