Monday, April 13, 2009

If I couldn't race...I'd sell my bikes...well okay, I probably wouldn't sell them...but still I am pumped for the race season to commence!!!

April, 13th, 2009. Today was the last day of official base training for the author. Consequently, from now on, until late fall any cycling that I do that involves serious effort will be official bike races. Many thanks and kudos to my trusty training partner, Tim Ek of whom motivated me and thus acted as the catalyst for what has become the most fruitful base training preseason for both of us since the demise of US Postal. Look for Ek to be a major force this year in all events that are long and hard...

In the short term, the goal is to be competitive in the upcoming three Spring Classics starting next Saturday with the Ragnok 105 (spelling?), then the mega-ultra classic Trans-Iowa on May 2nd, and then finished off the spring with the Almanzo 100 near Rochester on May 16th. After the spring, the plan is to focus on getting in five or six of the WEMS 12 hour races in Wisconsin with a few local area races in as well. Hopefully I will survive the summer months of June, July, and August and still be able to compete in the 24 Hours @ Seven Oaks in early September. The last mountain bike race for me will probably be the most outstanding "Underdown at the Thunderdown" (or something like that, in any event, it is NOT to be missed)…If I am still able to ride in October, I’d like to do a few cyclocross races too…

But for now, I am done with the serious training. Now itz up to my team of pharmacists, nutritionists, kinesiologists, physicians, brewmasters, professional cycling coaches, and astrologists to carefully peruse, analyze, and conduct "what-if" scenarios using the plethora of bio-feedbacks and other covert technological out-puts gleaned from the myriad of various and complex Chinese carbon high-tech, highly colorful and graphical computational in-puts that have been painstakingly entered into my Cray/NASA Mainframe Computer System via the several computers that grace my expensive bicycles, over the course of this base training segment of my season. These consummate professionals using the most current cutting-edge carbon-fiber technology related to both cycling fitness and barley fermentation will ultimately develop a plan-of-action for me to follow in this upcoming competitive season. For the rest of you, those that still rely solely on the antiquated heart rate monitors, caffeine pills, and power-watts meters, etc… Get ready for humbling defeats!!! The season starts in just 5 dayz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be the one totally encased from head to toe and from front wheel to back wheel in carbon…so watch out!

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  1. With all that carbon be careful not to get any splinters!