Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The finest of the youth of America meet in Iowa this weekend...only to be tragically usurped by unscrupulous grizzled old men with no morals...

On itz way to race across the lonely wind swept barrens of remote Iowa, this finely crafted steel frame/fork set is brought to you compliments of Chris Kelly of California. The highly adaptable build is compliments of the fine folks at the locally owned THE SKI HUT, located in the East Hillside section of hilly and old Duluth Minnesota. If you are ever in the North Country look them up…The owner of the bike is the handsome one with the boyish figure in the foreground of the photograph. His benign, casual demeanor belies his stout heart for adventure (and beer)...


  1. Congrats! Did you read any of the articals?
    Way to stick with it!!! you da man!