Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update...too busy to pubically muse or to put finger to keyboard...

Monday, November 16 Update: DBD #1 & DBD #2 (unofficial, under-review): The Reduction & Detachment Phase of the 2009/2010 season commenced on a beautiful Sunday...At the onset, the author experienced a minor, albeit disconcerting, leaking of an incomprehensible saline solution which had the effect of redden his eyes and thus momentarily blurring his vision ... full reports on both rides to follow....Been super busy with the day job of late...If you need interesting reading material check out the roster for the 2010 Arrowhead 135 (104 racers signed up and still two weeks until the entry registration date closes...the field is truly international and very competitive...so exciting...many Trans-Iowa and Alaskan Invitational veterans


  1. Did the mad man at the "honking house" scream at the DBD crew on their Sunday Crusade ride as he did at me? My trusty guardian dog Booklyn demanded a piece of him to protect my honor, but I waved to Farrow and crew and drove on home, later to join MN bike commuter for an initial winter sport training ride (worlds longest run on sentence). Just wondering...

  2. Carlitos:
    La registracion para la gran carrerra de bicicletas Tran Iowa esta abierta.
    Espero verte ahi.
    un abrazo,

  3. Charlie:
    Could you give us a guideline on what type of ride would qualify as a DBD ride??