Monday, November 2, 2009

The Real Season Begins...

November 2, 2009 to April 12, 2010 (or two weeks before the Mega-Classic Trans-Iowa): The training season- Where one is reduced, rebuilt, and ultimately transformed into a full on Enduro-Samurai... While this vital season is based upon a series of highly secretive DBD training sessions, there are an unprecedented three local racing opportunities for us here in the Northland.

Highlights of the season involve the seventy-five mile Tuscobia point-to-point on December 19th; the eighty-eight mile Northshore Ultra in January, and then of course the full on classic, The Arrowhead 135 on the first Monday of February.

I am so pumped...yesterday as a warm-up, we went 4+ hours and upon finishing it up my toes were numb from the wet cold...I wept tears of anticipatory joy...


  1. I may see you at the Tuscobia. All depends on getting a better snow set up and ability to get outside and ride. We wouldn't be competitors though as I would be racing the kid's race. The gear for the big show really starts to get expensive. Hope to see you there!!

  2. Yo Chuck,
    Keep me in mind as the shadows grow longer and the darkness sets in. Fridays should be pretty free this season as Tae is older and my schedule has changed....

  3. CF - You should know that people are watching and learning.

    Remember to eat at midnight this year.

    See you in February!

  4. 8 hours on the cross bike yesterday. Unfortunately it was warm enough where I came home still feeling my toes.


  5. Got my reg on for the one across the street from me bud! I'm doing it on foot though...

  6. "...You should know that people are watching and learning." So cyptic...and somewhat disconcerting...I do admit to a fear that Pramann has turned to the Darkside and that his influence is more widespread that orginally thought...Yet Goodness shall defeat the Dark Forces on the battlefield near I-Falls in early 2010...