Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Winter Formal is full...

The BIG ARROWHEAD 135 DANCE up in I-Falls on February 1th & 2th (and maybe 3th...if you are into "slow dancing") has met itz limit of 75...This is an amazing milestone in that to my knowledge it has never filled so quickly!!! The field holds many names that are linked to great cycling achievements including several Alaskans that have completed (and won) the mega-classic race from Knik to Nome (1100 miles or so). As I read through the roster my lofty loins soared with excitement and anticipation, many of my old buddies are signed up including da boyz from Nordakota, Lance Andre, Chuck Linder, Da Navy Guy, etc. etc... And even the Dark Forces of Winter promise to comeback and haunt the trail (the cold-hearted Pramann and the unmercifully frigid Brannick)...

Rest assured, Dear Readers, that Good shall conquer Evil, on the frozen wastelands of Northern Minnesota! Yet these Black Adders, these rivals of the White Knights (headed by young Jedi-Warriors, including the youthful, but tested Chris Plesko, of whom's purity of adventurous spirit surely will give the evil-doers pause), will not surcease their reigns of terror without a battle of epic, no mythological proportions. Itz gonna be SO GREAT!!!! Thanks Pierre and Cheryl :)

More on others in the field later today...


  1. add to the list up and comer Chris Plesko

  2. I think you've got your dates off? Isn't it the 1st?

    It will be nice to meet ya Charlie.

  3. The Alaskans are coming! The Alaskans are coming! Don't fire until you see the white of their beards!

  4. Hey Maxwell if I remember right you got the white snotty beard!

    Ya this is gunna be the best ever for sure, like the world series of snow-bike. Just remember I am the FAA at MSP and control everything coming here. Plesko, bear-man Basinger, world famous RAAM-Oatley, kid Koitsch, Muckluk-Brannick, NAVY guy with his anti-pirate boat....etc all might well overfly to run out of fuel over Lake Gitchee Gummee cause their controller was watching farrow.blogspot/sleeping on his laptop! Oh wait, I retired today after 28 yrs to spend more time training/sleeping, seriously...ha!
    love, pramann