Friday, May 14, 2010

Almanzo 100....So Sweet

Heading down to the prairies for the Almanzo 100...400 strong...should be quite the EVENT!!! Bravo Mr. Skogen!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Sorry to anyone that has tried to post a recent comment...I think (with the help of a few teenagers) that I have figured out the problem and solved it...


  1. Test, test. Did they get an "A" for helping the teacher out?

  2. Ah, teenagers. To paraphrase the great philosopher of our time, "Teenagers. The cause of...and solution to...all of life's problems."

    Have a good ride tomorrow, Mr. Farrow. I will be one of the 400 as well, but a bit further back in the pack, and by "bit" I mean a few hours.


  3. Rumor has it that the 24-9 is off again. If that holds true, I'm planning to run Bill Underdown's Roubaix-style Group Ride that Saturday and a Raspberry ride-hike that Sunday in the Underdown. I'd love to see you if you can get down.

  4. I don't know anymore. The 24-9 website says NO and the Wausau24 website says YES. Who knows? I'll run my dirt road ride at some point even if it's me and one other person.

  5. I just got done reading, catching up, on your blog Mr. Farrow. Interesting. I have some comments, but I need to think about them before I just post away. Sometimes I tend to be stupidly rash....acutally most of the time. It's the Iron Ranger in me blood.

    Your Pal, Rosscoe

  6. Farrow, I think all you endurance guys, with a couple of exceptions are extremely hard headed, so "attrition" is foolish. It's all about what YOU want from the race. Do you want to do it to do it, do you want to just finish, do you want to win, be the first single speeder, the caboose, yada yada yada. With the exception of the first 12 hour race I was ever part of, I only have one thing in mind when I enter these types of events.....make myself suffer. And I want to suffer more than anyone else.


  7. Rosscoe...Your point? Attrition implies suffering...If you stated goal is to suffer more than anyone else put your index finger into the spokes of a fast moving wheel just before the start of the race (or the like). Or listen to Rush Limbaugh during the race...