Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Risking it ALL in the Trans-Wisconsin!!!

To recap before moving on to Part V:
Habit #1: Perseverance=Always and continuously fight the good fight, don’t ever quit, never allow a DNF to follow your name. Stop only if itz obviously a failure (this should happen only once or maybe twice in your lifetime)... Yet, Itz okay to live to fight another day. To persevere implies use of time to win the game...think “war of attrition.”

Habit #2: Managing impulsivity=Mitigate spontaneity, visualize success, and come with a plan (with options) to achieve the end goal. Resist the urge to act without taking “time” to consider alternatives. Concede to the dark times but only with the knowledge that these moments of doubt shall pass...Wait for the healing sun to shine before making any major changes to your plan.

Habit #3: Thinking flexibly=Rewire or “reboot” often, keeping an eye on the ultimate prize, but don’t forget to re-lube your chain every few hours, take in 20 fluid ounces of water and 280 calories every hour... The strategy may need to change if the unexpected occurs, tactics may need to be altered from time to time, but the goal of splashing Lake Superior’s frigid water upon to ones tired feet by Monday evening, June 21st does NOT!
Habit #4: Embrace the magic of it all!!! “The most beautiful experience in the world is the experience of the mysterious,” exclaimed Einstein. Live for today, for NOW is our moment to shine!!! Sign up for one or more of the following (or find one in a neighborhood near you): Alaskan Iditarod trail Invitational, Almanzo 100, Arrowhead 135, Barry Roubaix, Dirty Kanza, Great Divide Race, Heck of the North, GT Death Ride Invitational, Kiwi Brevet, Ragnarok 105, Salsa’s 24 hours @ Afton, 24 hours @ Seven Oaks, 24 hours @ Nine Mile (sans Granny Gear Productions), Trans-Iowa, Tuscobia, Cheq 100, Dirty Benjamin, Sandwich 50 Enduro, Gravel World Championship (in Lincoln, Nebraska)...And of course THE TRANS WISCONSIN....

Parts V & VI • Metacognition & • Taking Responsible Risks
When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself.” Plato
Metacognition is just a fancy pants word that describes the conscious process by which ya think about the way ya think...itz thinking about thinking. Itz a good habit to take on because it forces one to consider “what in the hell was I thinking when I made that stupid decision?” This habit of thinking about the "why and how" of one’s thinking fits nicely with another habit of the successful; namely—Taking responsible risks. How do we know what we don’t know...we take risks. This whole fear thing is a big lie. People are at their best when they extend beyond their safety zone. Intelligent, successful people are continually pushing the envelope. Successful people are NOT fearful people. The whole safety thing here in America is a marketing ruse, a trap set by opportunists, a lead-in to unthinking materialism and consumerism. Sucessful people live on the edge of their competence. Going beyond, taking a calculated risk...Failure is often the case...thatz where the metacognition comes in...Success is risky!

Still to come...Parts VII, VIII, IX!!!!

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  1. You are one supreme educator Charlie! Well respected beyond local area cyclists in epic adventures. I look forward to reading the other half of future installments.