Monday, May 10, 2010

Part IV....I can do this!!!!

Part IV: Living in Wonder & Awe...Successful people take advantage of their time here on earth, they live for the moment, and go for the gusto!!! It is easy to transfer this habit to endurance cycling.

Right NOW, WE are living in what I honestly believe is the Golden Age of Endurance Cycling. The opportunities available to anyone with a little grit are wondrous and awe-inspiring! Thanks to visionaries, a movement is in full swing that is affording incredible challenges... available to all of us. Just in our local areas here in the Midwest, we have maestros like Gutiar Ted and his grueling 300+ mile Trans-Iowa masterpiece and Pierre and Cheryl Ostor’s with their frigidly challenging Arrowhead 135. And now, following the lead, we have another whole set of young upstarts in Tim Roe’s Tuscobia, Chris Skogen’s Almanzo 100, Jeremy’s Kershaw’s Heck of the North , The Red Wing Boyz and their Ragnorak 105, and the list goes on and on to include new great races for this season, like the Chequemagon 100 and the 550 Mile Trans-Wisconsin.....What I am trying to say is that ITZ is Wonderful and Awesome...and that races that are just in my back yard...The events available to us right now across the country and the world simply represents a Golden Age...Let me not forget WEMS and the Seven Oaks 24 hour event....and the list go on...I am weeping as I type...Tears of JOY!!!


  1. Don't weep too much Charlie as you might get dehydrated!

  2. I couldn't read posts I through III for I lacked the stamina...I was able to read this one though...and agree wholeheartedly. My guess is that never in the rich cycling history of this area (at least) have there been this many 'organized' challenge rides and races. The Golden