Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Trans-Wisconsin, Costa & Kallich, and me...

Part II: Habit #2 Managing Impulsivity...

As you may recall the aim of this work is to apply Costa and Kallich’s (C&K) research on determinate habits displayed by successful individuals (across the spectrum of the US citizenry) to the preparation and completion of the upcoming 550 mile Trans-Wisconsin cross-country cycling race (TWR). The propensity to persevere through adversity is the number one character trait or “habit” of highly successful people. As stated above in Part I, the application of this habit to the TWR involves a concerted and planned-out effort to manage time in an efficacious manner. For example if a rider can average ten miles per hour the race will take him/her fifty-five hours. Of course, this simple calculation assumes unrealistically that the rider can go continually for over two dayz, but it does provide a starting point. The idea being that in order for one to persevere in such a long endeavor, one must have target guideposts to aim for so as to manage the time.

The second habit to be discussed is managing impulsivity. Effective, successful people understand the value in visualizing success and then working backwards to achieve the end goal. Impulsivity is defined using adjectives such as “inclined to act on sudden urges” and “spontaneous.” Those who adopt a habit of managing impulsivity acknowledge that it is only human to be instinctively spontaneous (think flight or fight response), but successful people attempt to manage or at least rein-in impulsivity. In an event such as the TWR, the urge to either play it too safe or in contrast to go too hard, too soon, is great. Therefore, a way to manage the pitfalls of spontaneity in the TWR is to come prepared with a comprehensive plan-of-action, that includes alternative options should the weather become a factor. Questions such as: What would be the consequence or impact on the goal if it rains during the race? Or, what options will be available should I bend a wheel?

To recap: Habit #1: Perseverance=Time management and never quit, unless itz hopeless; Habit #2: Managing impulsivity= Acknowledge, then mitigate spontaneity, visualize success, and come with a plan (with options) to achieve the end goal.

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  1. I conquered impulsivity by not signing up for Trans Wisconsin.