Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back to the drawing board re: 1X9 gearing...

At the Spirit Mountain Race last Sunday, I had problems with my chain jumping off the single ring in the with the help of my friends at Ski Hut and special assistance from Scotty Kylander-Johnson, we seem to have developed a better set-up...The current system includes a Chain Guard on the external side of the middle ring [a Salsa 36 ] in the form of an old 42 tooth Shimano chainring grinded down to form a circle that acts to keep the chain from flipping off the outside [which was the main problem @ Sunday's race] coupled with a little inexpensive device called a Jump&Gear on the inside that acts to prevent the chain from falling off internally...I rode hard today @ Hartley for 2 hours and try as I could I was not able to shake off the chain!!!! So I should be good to go for Saturday's Race @ Seeley...


  1. Sounds like the new set-up will work for you....although I have to say, I tried to warn you! :)

  2. How was your post race coffee stout? Mine was good. It definately had some 'fein in it.