Friday, August 24, 2007

Blurry pics of the new 1X9 set-up and what could well be the winning formula and MY TICKET TO THE BIG TIME!

Please excuse the out-of-focus pictures of my trusty 29 inch steel Gunnar and my Vicious fork; now equipped with a super fast and highly efficient 1X9 set up [36 in the front coupled with a 34-11 in the back]...Note: Part of the problem regarding the poor quality of the photographs has to do with the mega-cheap camera that "I found" in my school's lost&found bin, but also the fact that I am well into my pre-race hydration ritual may have compounded the poor quality. In any event, this is my new set-up...itz all a REAL MAN should need in the Midwest!!! A 36 by 34 for any steep hills and a 36 by 11 for the flats...Don't believe what they tell ya; everything else is overkill and plays right into the greedy manufactures' hands!!!! [Check out SCOUT, our killer kitty]

Brief Muse on the Splendid Powder Monkey: [a proper recap is forthcoming]

While to-date I have not had the time nor opportunity to write up a proper recap on the great race @ Spirit Mountain that COGGS [of which I am a proud long-time member] put on last Sunday, I do want to briefly and publically commend and thank COGGS for what I consider to be the most demanding, compelling, and original race course in the Midwest. Since that fine day, I have heard only positive comments about the course and the organization…BRAVO COGGS!!!! Makes an old guy proud…Note: Jeff Hall commented to both Scotty and I after the race that he felt the current course with the long technical climb is as good as any in the USA and also would make a great National race…pretty cool!!!!
Pumpin' Up the Rat: 90 minutes of pretty hard ridin' and the chain stayed on!!!!

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  1. No wonder you had trouble-that cat has no idea how to set up a drive train. Tabby and Maddy screwed up my Stumpy to the point it was dropping the chain left and right. Libby and Elliot got things sorted out right away. And they work cheap - Iams and and a clean litter box are all they ask. Who needs opposable thumbs? Wait, we do. Hasrd to drink a good LSB oatmeal stout with out em'