Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Two big mountain bike venues are putting on races this weekend!!!

COGGS of Duluth proudly presents the Powder Monkey @ Spirit Mt. & WORS presents the WORS CUP over at a new course new Madison, WI!!! Too many races and so little time...The course at Spirit Mountain was designed by Scotty Johnson and is a throw-back to when 'men were men and those men rode real steel Hard-Tails fashioned from iron ore deposits from the Laurentian Shield, commonly known as the Mesaba Range ,right here in the Range Country of these once United States of America. Craftsmen like Igor Schwinn in places like Chicago, Madison, and Cleveland handmade these manly bikes...Yeah, back-in-the-day when men with strong sinewy backs rode bikes without any sissy super plush expensive suspension systems, leaky hydraulic brakes, and fancy pants 2 lbs. carbon frames... and if a man messed up and went down hard and couldn't get back up, the other men ate him...and the man that got ate wouldn't have wanted it any other way...and bike races took well over three hours and only one or two of the top riders could do a clean lap while the rest took big falls and had to walk some of the really techy sections and after the race the surviving men drank manly bitter dark beer and bled and laughed and told jokes...and....................................'

Due to logistical problems: 45 minutes of torture on the trainer

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