Monday, August 13, 2007

In a few weeks, Karl be 'chillin' with the family!!! But for now, itz off to Duluth to practice!!!!

I love it how when the big elitist power brokers take a dive for the even bigger elitist power brokers, itz always because they want to spend more time with "the family." The truth is Karl [with his controversial coach, Rummy] is coming up to Duluth to hang with the mt. biker crowd and hone up on his singletrack skills, getting ready to hammer, [I mean 'pound some big time nails'] at Spirit Mountain this coming Sunday at the Powder Monkey [The Marque Event of the MNSCS]!!!...Rumors are that he's got quite the motor [fired by EPO etc. ?]...The low down is that he just needs to lose a few pounds, learn to get his butt back on the techy drops, and get off the brakes!!!...Come out to Spirit Mountain this Sunday to Race on the best 'REAL MTB' course in the Midwest!!! Or stop by and watch among the many speedy riders, the likes of Doug Swanson, Jeff Hall, Jay Richards, The Moore Brothers, Sam&Eric Ofendahl, and of course Karl Rove fly thru some radically fast, hard-core single-track...Or come watch guyz like the author take some serious crashes [if you're into that kind of thing]...Course designed by Scotty&Sara Kylander-Johnson and the COGGS crew!!!
Feeding the hungry Rat: 60 minutes of high-paced hill repeats [on the climbs-heart-rate above 165], while off-spring and other youngsters played in my yard...the plan is to "train thru" the next three races and then attempt a "peak" for the Chequamegon 40

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