Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Charlie's Summer Reading List

Just finished David Walsh's "investigative journalistic work" on the recent history of widespread drug use among the world's greatest cyclists...Itz a pretty interesting read (especially surprising and noteworthy is all the legal drugs they do), albeit 100 pages or so too long. The revelation that nearly all these guyz do illegal drugs doesn't really bother me too much as I am fairly caviler about the whole issue; essentially the line between legal drugs and illegal drugs is so contrived that itz hard for me to get too worked up over the whole affair...still itz worth checking out from your local library or do like I did and borrow it from a buddy! I'd give it three stars out of five...Basically the theme is as follows--Lance bad to the core, Frankie basically good but once bad, Tyler nice but bad, Landis naïve but bad, all Frenchies bad, and all Spainards bad except Basson, Ulrich bad, Basso bad, Lemond good really good, Ferrari bad super BAD, Walsh super pure...

Feeding the rat: Monday 2 hours. Tuesday 2 hours [feeling good]

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  1. Nice summary, I don't even think I need to read it now. I get the picture.