Monday, September 28, 2009

Blues are bluer, rain feels wetter...I live...

I survived the fall and am fully reinstated after review of circumstances surrounding my disqualification @ Heck... Heck of the North: full race report to follow in near future...S. Gort WINS w/ McFadden on the hunt 'til the bitter end...Pramann in his early 80's still a force...Jason Buffington with DNF brings shame onto all of North-Central Minnesota, yet seeks redemption with top notch brews...Eki DNFs, accepts ride from a big hearted tender woman, defies DBD mandate, and is thrown out of club. Currently he is M.I.A. Kershaw poised to earn DBD patch?...Due to effort in Heck, Rich wins sponsorship from AARP...J. Ross is censured due to leading front group astray in final lead-up to Seven Bridges...All this and much more in a few dayz...I am a bit sore from the fall off of Enger Tower


  1. glad to see you're feeling better! What's next? I know my mis-step was much smaller (just a short reroute leaving the lake) but sure left me searching for redemption... thunderdown has been added to the schedule this weekend. I will tell your old parner that you would have kicked his ass even with the mashed bb.

  2. My parents won't return my calls. My wife has sold all my bikes. I tried to hang myself, but that tube with all the holes in it broke. I've traded all my spandex for a Purple Favre jersey on Craiglist......pass the bottle!

  3. I hope Ek, Buff and you don't feel too bad about the DNFs. My only two races of the year were a DNF and a DNS. I don't think even a leap of Enger Tower can earn a reinstatement after a DNS!!!!

  4. Commit to an easy live of couch, Bud Lite, lots of brats and NFL football and your lives will be easier.