Monday, September 7, 2009

THANKING YOU, SEVEN OAKS...THE 24 Hours @ Seven Oaks did not disappoint!!!!

The 24 Hours @ Seven Oaks encompasses all that I believe competitive mountain bike races should aspire to. Amazing course, great organization, and an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and good cheer!!! In my world, next to the Trans-Iowa (also in Iowa...go figure), the 24 Hours @ Seven Oaks is the best deal in cycling that I have come upon. A full race report to follow in a few dayz, but seriously consider driving down to Boone, Iowa next year during the Labor Day weekend and get involved in this amazing event.

Also, a heart felt public acknowledgement of the selfless gesture of Dave Schuneman (a local fellow Duluthian and amazing friend) who without hesitation gave me his seatpost in the wee hours of Sunday morning after I snapped mine off at the saddle early into my thirteenth lap (which in turn lead to a harrowing loop for me, but more on that later in the forthcoming report, but think Vladimir the Impaler). He saved the race for me, gave up his chances to continue riding, and I owe him BIG TIME!!!!!

24 Hours @ Seven Oaks...A top notch, full-0n RACER FRIENDLY event in every sense....

NOTE: Parents with school-aged children are strongly cautioned against allowing their children to view the President's speech to America's School children to be delivered on 9/08. Rumors are that he will fill their minds with socialist dogma including promoting young people to do their best in school for the good of the community!!!


  1. It was great meeting you Charlie. I wish I could have stayed around for Sunday, but I had some family obligations. I heard you got 2nd with 18 laps! Way to go! I look forward to your report and what you thought of the trails.

  2. And I am sure you were not riding a carbon post!

  3. Charlie, great job on the solo race. It was definitely fun and entertaining to find you in various states of repose along side the trail in the wee hours of the morning. I also look forward to the full report. I've started putting mine together and it will be lengthy to say the least and I only rode 7 laps for our team.


  4. Some lady I was serving at the restaurant said that her district in Indiana did not pass the vote to allow the kids to view the speech at school.
    Keeping the blinders on makes them kids walk in a straight line!
    GO Indiana!!


  5. Charlie,

    It was great seeing you make the trip to Iowa for a second time this year. It was also entertaining to see you making use of our soil as a bed. There must be something special in our dirt. ;) Nice to see you end up with a good result and some reward for the awesome effort.