Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good luck to all the Guyz and Gals that are set to race in the most awesome Powder Monkey here in Duluth on this Sunday!!!

I love the Powder Monkey race held over at Spirit Mt Ski Resort and even though I am NOT in good standing with the United States Cycling Association, I due hold a current license and I was fired up to get smoked by a bunch of talented fast guyz in a short, but very intense race. Plus I am a member of COGGS and so I wanted to show my support by racing their event, but I am still just too wasted from last weekend's 24 hours @ Seven Oaks, (my resting heart rate is still way above normal, I can only drink India Pale Ales, and I actually enjoyed mowing the lawn earlier today?). I can still get out there and fight the good fight, but it takes me quite abit longer to fully recovery from these endurance races. As soon as I get my appetite back for a good chewy oatmeal stout and the thought of mowing the lawn nauseates me, I'll be back and ready to go. Probably in a few more it goes...I am working on the second part of the 24 hour race recap...and trying to build up my Merlin into a sleek Single Speed for the Heck of the North...

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  1. I am starting to use my fixed gear more and more during the week for the shorter rides. I feel like I get more out of riding this way.