Thursday, June 10, 2010

Copy of my recent post on MTBReview...

Hey Dear Readers....forget the below....It just arrived!!! I ordered it on May 21st...but itz here now and itz gonna help me make that 622 miles...

Mountain Feed Bag from Oregon....Is this company connected to BP?

Hey Sports Fans: I ordered a Mountain Bag Feed Bag from Epicrides over two weeks ago and so far it has not arrived here in Duluth....I have tried to contact the woman that owns the company and the phone number is "full" and thus "NOT taking any messages"; plus she has not returned any of my email queries. Anybody had similar problems? ...Anybody have any suggestions? Anybody know this company? Is it still in business?....I need the product for an upcoming endurance race, plus I'm out $35 ....Help me...please... Help me!!!!



  1. Charlie,

    Tim Krueger says 'wait a little longer'. His took 3 months.

  2. mine took 1 week. also, they were throwing them out like homecoming parade candy last weekend, too bad you couldn't make it.

    didn't they get sued or something?