Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final Gear Choices for the T.W.

A Military Prussian-issue revolver circa 1900

I have decided to bring my favorite DBD revolver just in case things go badly for me in the Trans-Wisconsin...Itz a classic and rarely jams! If you find it next to me lifeless form please return it to the following (also help yourself to the aged whiskey...itz a sin to waste good spirits):

Gitchee Gami Club c/o G.Mallory, DBD Club...Northern Colonies Chapter,
Duluth, MN

Plus itz quite light...and fits nicely in my ruck-sack!


  1. Bringing "bear load" for ammo or just small caliber to take out EOJ's tires at the proper moment? ;)

  2. yeah, don;t forget the bullets. If you get bored and lonely you could play some russian roulette.
    bon voyage!
    steve, you have a good ride too. Hope to see you at trans iowa again.
    Bike mechanics never get to ride in summer.
    the curse