Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rational behaviors wins out...

The author has been attempting to do all the right things to prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming Trans-Wisconsin....doing the homework on mapping (and highlighting) the complexities of the route, getting the bike, rack, and gear dialed in, and thinking hard about how to keep the MOJO going and going and going...I even thought about quitting my daily beer intake....then I realized that I had gone too far...


  1. The benefits of the carbo loading of an oatmeal stout along with the hydration of a crisp pilsner cannot be overlooked on a proper training table. And when the chips are down and the night chill comes a creeping up, beat it back w/ a stiff shot of Irish whiskey. You will conquer the Trans!!

  2. Have fun Charlie. You could survive a week in the woods with just a tweezer so I think you'll be just fine.