Friday, June 11, 2010

Trans-Wisconsin: The Race of My Fear begins in one week's time...

I love the anticipation associated with the advent of something really BIG on the horizon!!!!! Itz just been a few dayz of late that I have really started to contemplate the dimensions of this inaugural Trans-Wisconsin Mountain Bike Route...South to North; 620 miles through the entire state of Wisconsin with the vast majority of it on backroads and trails--dirt, gravel, and sand...My mantra: GO LIGHT and Fight; Fight through the Nights. My buzz word: Perseverance. The Goal: Have my tired feet in the frigid waters of the GREAT LAKE sometime during the daylight hours of Monday, June 21st.

I aint gettin' any younger, so to me itz a full-on race. A "pre-race or dress rehearsal" approach for my ultimate goals of racing the Great Divide and the Alaskan Invitational...and thus I plan to ride it as fast as I can go...A race to catch my fear...the fear of what this thing holds in store for me and my compatriots....If it rains the whole time...remember me as a pretty-good father, husband, son, teacher...


  1. Call me if you need me to rescue you with the pantani-mobile.

  2. Good luck and have fun Charlie! You'll kick butt! The Nebraska crew will be sending good vibes to you and all the Trans Wisco riders.

  3. That was inspirational, hope you rock it.