Thursday, August 27, 2009

9 Dayz and counting...

In racing a 24 hour event, it is the advent of darkness that can drive a solid man to grieve at the gut-level. With dusk, glory and good cheer give way to grim Gregorian chants and glimpses of Gorgon's ghastly goblins...


  1. Even w/your decision to use gears & front suspension, you've still got my adoration and I am sure the single speed brethren will go easy on ya! There will be cold brewed Peace Coffee using the Toddy for the dark hours & Bell's Stout for post race since you're not coming down Friday(I owe from 9-mile). Are you jumping into the car @ high noon when this event done?

  2. Yes...the conclusion of the race is but the beginning of the HELL Fire...Getting home in one piece is the true test of my endurance :)