Monday, August 24, 2009

On the 12th day of the countdown to Seven Oaks...

Riding a bicycle for up to 24 hours on a rough trail down in Iowa is on par with trying to make compromise with a covey of committed, cantankerous cannibals while in captivity

Kudos to those that made the Gitchee Gallivant a huge success!!! Duluth is so great... [It was a celebration of cycling conceived by locals that are committed to Duluth cycling. It commenced on Saturday and involved a day of cycling and good year I am gonna be involved]
Only seven dayz left to notify Jeremy Kershaw of your intent to take on the Heck of the North challenge (see link AAA on the right column of this page, near the top )...If you live in the area and like to ride long distances on gravel roads, don't miss this inaugural has all the ingredients to one day become a fall "classic."

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