Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mean people snub others...

There is no such thing as a justifiable snub, but the snubbee must take into consideration the context in which he or she was snubbed...Often times there is more to the offense than a simple "in-your-face-disgrace" snub.

Itz always tough to get snubbed, but I have grown somewhat immune to being snubbed by tri-athletes and even top runners. Given their slight physiques and tendency to "skip" rather than to run, fast road runners are a nervous lot and by definition “run” away from other athletes (and motorcycle gangs), so being snubbed by a true runner may indeed be just an instinctual survival response that has evolved over time to protect the timid runner, rather than a premeditated snub.

Being snubbed by tri-athletes is also less offensive in that they have lots on their minds and thus genuinely may not comprehend the fact that they are perpetrating a snub. After all tri-athletes, when engaged in the cycling stage of their varied craft, are usually in the extended Superman position, encased in a fully carbonized aero helmet, and focused on a multitude of bio-feedbacks, lofty strategizing, and personal goal setting. Included in these complex cognitive pursuits are: a) attending to their pedaling cadence; b) power meter feedbacks; c) heart rate considerations; d) VO2 max issues; e) proper caloric intake; f) fluid management; g) cholesterol levels; h) current speed of bike; i) GPS coordinates; j) distance traveled; k) distance to be traveled; l) speed going up hills; m) speeds going down hills; n) average speeds; o) maintaining perfect aero dynamic form; p) appropriate wheelset for conditions; q) appropriate tires and tire pressure for conditions; r) appropriate gear ratios for conditions; s) proper breathing; t) wind direction; u) strategies for paying the outrageously expensive entry fees; v) strategies for explaining to the wife the need for purchasing the new “cutting-edge” aero bike, so as to keep up with other local tri-athletes; x) strategies for developing a rationale for purchasing new "Tri-athalon" wet/dry suit; y) and so forth. Thus it is little wonder that a tri-athlete may deliver a snub...

But to be blatantly snubbed by a fellow gravel road rider, as occurred to me yesterday just off Lester River Road, BOY THAT HURTS, THAT REALLY HURT My feelings!!!

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