Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little kids got it right....

The following is a recent conversation (verbatim), that I had with my daughter, who just turned nine years old and is really smart…

“Hey dad, whatz so great about George Washington?”

I sez, “He had rad hair, plus he was the first president of the USA.”

She responds, “Yeah I know all about him being first and all, but didn’t he get us into a war and thatz not cool.”

I sez, “Well I guess one could argue that it was a ‘Just War.’”

Whatz a ‘Just War,’ I think all wars are wrong, I think killing people is wrong, it is 'unacceptable'” she responds.

I start in on a lecture involving Saint Thomas Aquinas' Just War Doctrine, blah blah blah… but then she quickly cutz me off and sez, “There aint no way that you can convince me that any war where they are killing each other is okay.”

“Well, I am NOT saying that itz Okay to kill people, I am just saying that itz, well, what I mean is...Yeah, I agree, maybe he wasn’t so great, but we as a people like to admire old guyz that get our young guyz to fight and WIN BIG wars.” I sez.

She sez, “How do you win a war, I mean how do you know that you have won?”

I sez, “Well the big shotz, like presidents, get together and sign a treaty when they get sick of the war and that ends the war.”

She sez, “Why can’t they do the treaty before the war?”

I sez, “Thatz a good idea!”

She sez, “Instead of wars, we should make the big shotz race and then the winner of the race could make up the treaty.”

I sez, “Bike race or running race?”

She sez, “Bike race.” And smiles!!!!!!

What a GREAT KID :)