Friday, December 14, 2007

The LIST is coming together!!!!

Spurred on by generous Christmas libations, the highly anticipated List of HONOR is coming together in a chaotic, confused, yet fatalistic fashion. The following are just two of the many guidelines used to create the LIST: (Disclaimer--while for some of you making the LIST will represent a Tipping Point in your cycling career, for others that fail to make the list...well.... counseling may help some, but for all, the passage of time will certainly allow some measure of healing.)
*The author must have personally beared witness to the accomplishment, or had some personal connection to a participant. In other words, if the author was not there at the venue or if none of his drinking, woops!, I mean biking/training buddies were there, itz like the event never happened. This rule of course is devastating to many promising roadies and national caliber mountain bike racers, but perhaps the only solace to offer is that if they are serious about making the LIST in the future, they will need to make sure and ride in a race that the aging author deems appropriate given this guideline, (or develop a drinking-buddy relationship with the list-maker). This is a tough guideline, but this is my egocentric micro-world...I did race 21 times last season in diverse and varied venues; including a National 24 Hour event, the Chequamegon, the RED ASS 300, The Arrowhead 135, the MN State CX Championships, and a couple of big WORS races, so I do have some macro-perspective beyond the confines of the races that encompass my immediate area, but I did miss the Iceman Cometh and the Ore-to-Shore which are both big time races in the Midwest.
*The author is obvioulsy and shamelessly bias towards the elder statesmen of the sport. The author is not espeically impressed by super fast twenty-two year olds that live with their parents and work a few hours at the LBS and whose only worries are what type of tire to run on a specific race course.
*other guidelines to follow......
*Expect the LIST to be posted before the NEW YEAR!!!! To allow the Major Cycling Sponsors ample time to contact those who have made the 2007 list and to negogiate huge finanical deals...and on the backside, to allow those that made the 2006 List, but were left off the 2007 List ample time to seek new employment opportunities...:(

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