Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Updated again on 12/20 to include an impressive run-on sentence (in red): Training for the Arrowhead...itz pretty routine for a guy like me!!!!!

Training for the Arrowhead...Itz pretty routine...I get home from work. I get on my trusty Gunnar 29er. I ride over to the DNR "multi-use" trail. On the way, while still on the tar, a few of the guyz, usually the ones in big trucks, flip me off and try to send me into the snowbanks. I wave back. I start riding on the snowmobile tracks. A posse of snowmobilers fly by. I wave. A few of the guyz flip me off. I sarcastically wave back. Itz all in a dayz work!!!! Sometimes I daydream...like I dream about winning races or I think about whether or not the guyz that ride Clown Bikes are cult members? (more on this later!!!!)

Feeding the Rat: Monday: Rest Day (I am a total 'pro' when it comes to rest days!). Tuesday: 3 hours and 8 minutes w/ my sno-mo friends on the Tax-payer funded DNR trails....Wednesday 2 hours in Hartley (see below. Thursday 3 hours on a nice spin out towards Two Harbors, my feet were super cold as my boots were still wet from Wednesday's swim. (NOTE: I had to cut it short by an hour in Hartley on Wednesday, because I was daydreaming about winning the Arrowhead 135 and then quitting my job to exploit and capitalize on all the fame and wealth associated with such an achievement and therefore while "clipped in" tight to my trusty and faithful Gunnar 29er, I hit some loose snow, slipped, then curiously accelerated out-of-control onto a bridge and then somehow against all the laws of reason propelled myself-affixed-to-bike to fall over horizontally and then given the laws of momentum subsequently and rapidly slid out-of-control off the small, but wide and high-up bridge into a shallow ice-free running stream, thus completely soaking myself head-to-toe, which then of course, caused uncontrollable shivering, mild dementia, and other aspects of hypothermia (plus I really banged up my elbow and right hip)!!! It was an amazing display of inepitude, even for me! (Note: Scotty Johnson witnessed the author complete a similar move in the summer a few years back). Yet not to worry; I limped home in a freezing surrealistic haze; but, all in all, no worse for the wear...A cautionary note: I may be teaching your children and/or a friend's children!!!!). Watch out Arrowhead, cuz here I come.........


  1. I find if I ride w/ my side arm in plain sight, no one flips me off. But I don't carry the bandelero any more, it's just got to be too heavy. Effective, though.

  2. Glad to hear you are okay. Although if you had been seriously hurt. I would've been able to quit planning on how to finish ahead of you at the Arrowhead :)