Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sleeping with the Enemy!!!

The Rat is loving life!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7.5 hours on the trails around Lester & Hartley, plus an additional 60 minutes skiing at Snowflake. The sweet smell of a 2-stroke gas/oil mixture in the sub-zero temps on a still, almost silent night...smells like Victory!

Note: If the current loose conditions exist in International Falls come early February 2008, (at the start of the Arrowhead 135)...Find & Bury my old bones deep so the wolves and the neo-cons can't get to 'em and give the Gunnar Rockhound 29er to Rosscoe and the Kelly Knobby X to Ekimov :)

Daily Brief Illogical Oxymoronic Muse on the Arrowhead 135: Practical contradictory applications in Paradoxology. Arrowhead countdown—58 dayz out: "I love the serenity of the woods, going 80 mph on my snow-jet." Reflective Hardcore Snowmobile Speedster...Disclaimer: Hey, come on!!! I'm just kidding!!! We need those guyz!!!...Certainly our mere existence is a paradox, a hinderance, a problem, and intolerance and stereotyping only add to the problem....I am no better, or WE are no better than anybody else or group... Relative to the rest of the earthlings, we all leave BIG, NO HUGE FOOT Prints...right???? I am figuring that it will all play out accordingly in the end, and we'll have little, if any 'say-so' in the outcome. As Vonnegut would say, 'so it goes.'" CPF

Week #1 Total: 14 hours....


  1. Charlie, you're a blogging animal! No one can pump out the entries like you when it's the dead of winter for so many two wheel fanatics.
    Continued best wishes on building towards your own "Survior Series" at the Arrowhead 135. Next time I head in the direction of Duluth I'm going to threaten to put you though the paces of a nice long ride in the bitter cold. Now cue the "Rocky" theme song and add the images of Rocky IV (trainig in heart of Siberia).....

  2. I leave a size 12 foot print(though sometimes it's in my mouth) on our good earth. Also some skin and bits of lycra to boot.

  3. Charlie, you up for a ride this weekend? It's looking like Sunday morn we might head out from Lester and take the snomo trails up to Zimmerman and back, maybe 3.5 hours?

    Send me an email, tone at rangenet dot com