Sunday, December 23, 2007

Routine Arrowhead Training Photos: Note off-spring is assisting in the hardening process...

A big "old-school" and/or "back-in-the-day" full on blizzard in Duluth on Sunday provided reasonably good training conditions to ready my old beat-up body for the rigors of the Arrowhead 135. The temps weren't too bad so I went light on the clothing and footgear. I did laps around the neighborhood and my kid genuously pitched in by throwing snow down my back...Next week, my neighbor who is somekind of a doctor, (that has had a string of bad luck) has agreed to give me a deal on having any and all appendages that are irrelevant to winning the Arrowhead removed, so that'll be a few less things to worry about!!!!

Feeding the Rat: 2 hours and 40 was a good week--DP: U are goin' down!!!

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