Monday, April 26, 2010

Check out the Jason Buffington's and Tim Ek's recent posts..

If you want to know what last weekend was like in Iowa...

A fully inaccurate race report to follow in a few dayz...but know that the indifferent cosmic forces of WIND, RAIN, and especially Terra-infirma won the day... No one came remotely close to finishing it, but I am certain that I represent the feelings of all of the participants when I submit that we all came away thankful for the deep personal camaraderie that developed amongst our little groups of core riders that collectively battled against, but ultimately lost to our great rival...namely, the Backroads of Iowa!!!

It is true, the Gravel Demons won this battle in decisive fashion, but the war is not yet won nor lost...Fear NOT citizenry!!! For The DBD and The Slender Fungus contingents shall be prominently included within the brave ranks of the righteous soldiers to fight again with valor and commitment in one year's time upon the battlefields of IOWA...

A heartfelt thank you to G-Ted, D.P. and all the other generous and wonderful support staff...


  1. Hey Charlie! Thanks for making the trip down to Iowa to test your mettle against the "Gravel Demons". I enjoy seeing you ride and reading about the aftermath of it all. Thank you very much for who you are. It is one of the things that makes doing T.I. "worth it" for this humble cyclist.

  2. Way to gut it out this weekend. That sure was an epic day of riding. Makes me feel all Euro and stuff.

    Good luck the rest of the year. See you next April in Iowa!

  3. I still cannot organize my thoughts. Thank you.