Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I use on my lawn...no short-cuts!

This E-series Dura-Ace titanium/carbon-fiber rake was conceptually conceived in the USA using super glitzy and sophisticated computer graphics; it was specifically designed in India and manufactured/assembled by adult-looking pre-adolescents in China for high speed, competitive raking...raking things like leaves, grass, and dirt off of your precious lawn. (Note: All of Shimano's assemblers are afforded up to 14 hours of relaxed bunk time during the seven day work week.)

The lawn rake comes with a 6 week manufacturer’s guarantee. Itz part of the new XTR Armstrong e-series range for 2010, from Shimano.

The rake has a large soft-feel handle, to allow for a comfortable 2-handed grip. Instead of the industry standard of 20 blades, the E-series delivers 30 carbon blades.

The rake has a lightweight titanium shaft, with an angled carbon-fiber handle, making it the lightest rake on the planet. It is so light that its use has been banned in all of France and on most UCI-sanctioned European lawns.

The mirror polished titanium head makes the lawn rake super light and also means there is minimal soil adhesion. BLING BLING BLING...Making this rake the lightest rake in the history of the world...

It you are wondering about what this rake costs, then you either cannot afford it or you don’t deserve it!!!

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  1. I had to tape a spanner to mine so that my Neighborhood Lawn Committee, NLC, would consider me legal in our weekly rake-off's. The price was offset by the sale of my bicycles.