Friday, September 19, 2008

Is the author subconsciously crying out for help, is he seriously thinking of joining THE CULT?.."Very interesting...this single speed revolution."

Captivating...this single speed phenomenon

At the very least, I must admit to being smitten in a curious kind of way with the notion of joining the single speed mountain bike subculture. Those who practice within its strict ethos are fervent, even fanatical in their loyalty to the movement. It has become a fraternity of zealots that are inspiring to me in their ardent defense of their back-to-the-basics approach to our craft. I admire their simplistic world view, their rejection of all things "carbon," and I am refreshed by their devolutionary and reactionary refutation of the mega-oligopolies of the industrial/cycling complex that control the cycling markets. Their most devoted practitioners (those who ride rigid steel frames created by like-minded local artisans), of which there are many, mock and chastise the mainstream cycling community for their unbridled appetite for the next “new and improved” shinny gizmo that comes along each and every year. I am truly captivated. I am intrigued; I am standing on the precipice. I took the first steps closer to the edge a few years ago with I vowed to never again ride a full suspension bike. I inched even a little closer two years ago, when I swore off the front suspension and the front derailleur…I might jump…I am seriously think about jumping!!!!! PLease stop me??? No No don't stop me...I mean yes, stop me....


  1. Jump!! Jump!!! You might just survive the leap and find true nirvana and oneness with your bicycle!!

    I don't ride off-road much (except in the winter), but my fixed gear commuter sees the majority of my commuting miles.

  2. We rode 29ers singlespeeds a couple of weeks ago and did 85miles. It was truly a great ride. Gravel, Pavement only on one gear was something different. I think you should give it a whirl, a lot cheaper than a XTR grouppo. If you need any mechanix let me know.

  3. Google the "Ibis Scorcher" and read about modern single speed off-road history. Fixed gear, actually. Where the Ibis guys got their inspiration was actually from about a century earlier, so nothin' new here.

  4. Ain't it great sport!! One can ride any style of bike and find many others of like mind, that argue that it's the true way, what bicycling was meant to be. Rejection of technology and the industrial world has always been perceived as cool to a lot of people. But where is one supposed to stop? Me, I'm going to don simple black wool clothing, hitch up old Betsy, affix my orange triangle to the back of the buggy, and head to town.