Thursday, September 4, 2008

When will the snubbing end?...when will it ever end...?

It was a full-on “10” on the Snub-O-Meter
Although I have tried to protect myself from the slings and arrows of overt snubberism; it seems that the sting of being personally snubbed never, ever diminishes even after years of facing up to the affronting nature of the practicing snubber. Itz one thing to be snubbed by scrawny malnourished runners and emaciated geeky techno-freaky triathletes, but to be snubbed by fellow cyclists truly is a hard pill to swallow. Yesterday (with the backdrop of the beautifully forested hills of Old Duluth--just in beginning embrace of fall as my panorama), finishing up a delightful easy training ride along a flat and straight section of the Jean-Duluth road I spied a young and talented roadie far out but heading towards me. As the biker gradually approached me, I recognized him and thus made ready to offer an encouraging, “Looking good” supplemented by a full-on McCain-esque thumbs-up. He was not riding fast and since I never ride fast, I had time to reconsider my salutation delivery. Should I stay with the “looking good”/thumbs-up combo? Or should I go with a more hipster greeting like, “that’s what I am talking’ about…can it get any better…sweet?” At the last minute I decided to give the more traditional, “Hey”/ wave with the right hand combo. He was almost to the point of passing, so with gusto I delivered the greeting fully expecting to receive at least the traditional, albeit reserved helmet-nod sans audio that is characteristic of the super "serious" roadie-in-training. BUT NO, NO, NO!!!!!…Instead after delivering my sincere and genuine salutation of which I am sure he received; he inexplicably and totally snubbed me!!!! It was a full-in "10" on the "SNUB-O-Meter." Aghast at the blatant in-your-face snub, I was initially rendered numb, then I began to think that I was at fault (blaming the victim)…Why me, why me, why, why, why???? What have I done to make him snub me so? Am I hideous? Am I too fat, too slow, too old??? Is my bike too old, do I look silly, even offensive in my wool shorts? But alas, before too long I was able to reconcile my hurt…It’s just another act of senseless snubberism…so it goes


  1. Apparently I did not wave enough! Sorry man, I will be sure to get your attention next time. My bad. I kept looking back hoping that you were going to come pound out some grav. with me.
    But I guess I shoulda waved harder...

  2. And just to make up for it, lets have bike practice this weekend. On trails, so you can beat me up.

  3. Now, if you had a mirror on your helmet, you may have seen Mr. Boyce returning your salutation..