Monday, September 22, 2008

I am getting pumped for the....

Underdown at the Thunderdown (or vice versa?) of the last big "training races" until the Arrowhead 135 in early February, 2009. Last year's Thunderdown was a total blast...Itz amazing single track...somewhat hilly, curvy, but nice flow. Last year it rained hard and so the last few hours were epic...I am feeling pretty good; maybe I can pull off an upset? And maybe the federal government will fix the economy, and maybe we will draw together as a nation and really focus on actually doing something long term about our destruction of our planet...or maybe I'll get smoked...either way, itz bike racing!!!!!


  1. I'm with ya on that...maybe an upset, maybe an upset for mee too.

  2. I can't wait for Trans Iowa. Yesterday I rode 110 miles and today I commuted to work and back giving me another 104 miles. I hope to visit Decorah in December and bring a bike with. Good luck in your race. Are you going Single?