Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Running on a whim and a prayer...

I am feelin' good for a senior citizen, I mean I am still making old man noises when I bend over and my heel is still hurting, and my shoulder is sore...but I can still draw a breath, I'm pretty 'regular' and I still have my wits about me... so I am feeling pretty darn good...The question is can a pull off one more 12 hour effort? I have done FIVE enduro-events since late April including a 220+ miler on gravel, a 100 miler on gravel, a 24 hour suffer-fest; and two 12 hour WEMS events...I feel good on the OUTSIDE and we'll find out about the INSIDE on Saturday...

1 comment:

  1. Us old guys just run on fumes. I have been using one of those rolling sticks to loosen up the legs. It really works. You can buy the travel size one for about 22 bucks at a good running store.
    Give it a shot.