Friday, September 5, 2008

To forgive is to set oneself FREE...

The path to healing is a long one, but I now begin the journey…
Based on sage advice gained from both my team of personal therapists coupled with a review of research findings from Dr. Phil, I have decided to forgive the young person that recently snubbed me. As many of you know, I was yet again a victim of a recent unsolicited snub. This most recent snub was perpetrated by a youthful and talented young road racer who is also a recent graduate from a highly regarded “liberal” arts college. In other words, the snub was especially devastating for the author (a teacher of young people and holder of a "liberal" arts degree) given the fact that the offending snubber was a young gentleman of intellect endowed with great expectation and promise. Since the vicious snubhaving passed through the various stages of angst including snub-guilt, a feeling of worthlessness, a bloated feeling, swollen ankles, a sore gall-bladder, and frequent flatulence; I now see the tiny light at the end of the metaphorically long tunnel. Yes! The time is right to let the acrimony go and to begin the long curvy and bumpy road to a full recovery. Yes, it is time to initiate the healing process, although it will involve a long period of recuperation. The people that truly care about me including my psychoanalyst, my nutritionist, my rolfer, my masseur, my podiatrist, my yogi, my chiropractor, my grief counselor, my mullah, my priest, and my rabbi all agree (as does Dr. Phil) that I need to wholly participate in the act of forgiveness in the most sincere and genuine sense before I can really begin to heal in earnest. So…Dear Snubber, I Forgive YOU!!!! I FORGIVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART & SOUL!!!!!!!!!
ps I am starting to feel a little better already...


  1. cpf,

    When are you going to come to grips with the simple fact that you are a mountain biker living in a sea of rodies?