Monday, July 13, 2009

Duluth is well represented @ Levis-Trow...

Tim Ek, Hansi Johnson, Matt Evingson, Mike Bushey, and even the author, (and perhaps others?) all did Duluth proud this weekend down in Levis-Trow, but clearly Charly Tri's win in the 100 mile solo-open class was the most impressive feat of the day....NOTE: Although the unveiling of the author's brand new SKI HUT racing kit [White, Orange, and Black with Gray-penciled custom and symbolic graphics by Kate], which had the effect of emphasizing both his metro-sexual-youthful demeanor as well as his decidedly svelte, even lithe physique, as he presented himself at the start fully dressed in this Euro-esque custom designed and fitted Louis Garneau, was a close second. A fully embellished race report to follow in a few dayz, once my brain settles down a bit and I regain the ability to walk... click on the following for the basic results...[ ]

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