Monday, July 13, 2009

What a great thing for the Northland, this is wonderful, makes me so proud, what a nice event, what wonderful people, & really reflects well on us!

Is it too much to hope that someday Duluth could replace Sturgis as the gathering epicenter for motorcycle gangs and thuggery?????

I am sooooooooooooooooo pumped that the very nice HELL'S Angels people are coming to the Duluth Area to ride on their nice motorcycles!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly they will pump lots of drug/booze/gambling $$$$ into our sputtering economy, plus combined with the extra traffic in the local emergency rooms, we all stand to profit from this event. I plan to take the family over to see all the wonderful participants. I always tell my daughter that if she studies hard and continuously strives to do the right thing, someday she will be able to buy a Harley Davidson and ride with the HELLS ANGELS. Of course she may have to ride on the back on a Harley at first, do some petty crimes and become a drug addict to prove herself, but if she works hard someday she will be able to ride her own Harley and may be even beat up another Hells Angels person (or a minority or gay person) with a crow-bar....Carlton should be soooo proud, this is the best thing since Cloquet got itz Wal-Mart Super Store!!!!

From the local newspaper (note the objectivity, very nice and balanced, reads like "the Girl Scouts of America..."): "The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club will be holding their USA Summer Ride in Carlton County from July 29 Through August 2. The Hells Angels are a worldwide motorcycle club that sponsors a USA Ride every year prior to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. This year’s ride will take place in Carlton County, in addition to rides throughout the Arrowhead region. The USA Rally will consist of Hell’s Angels members from throughout the United States and possibly other countries. In addition to Hells Angels members other affiliated motorcycle clubs are expected to join them for the 5 day event. About 500-1000 people are expected to turn out for the ride."

Note: Next to Disneyland, our family plans to go to Sturgis someday to see the nice Harley people interact in their own environment.


  1. I bet you hit bee's nest with a stick as a youth....

  2. My parent's live about 3/4 of a mile from the bar the "event" is taking place at. The fact that law enforcement has been preparing for this for 6 months should give you a hint about the quality of the people that ride with the HA/81. There's a reason they call them selves the 1%ers. I love riding motorcycles, but real men pedal. ;-)