Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fall Gala...The Heck of the North...Don't miss it!!!!

Click on the above for information regarding The Northland's Fall Formal and then immediately thereafter start making serious arrangements for a proper pedicure, bikini wax, and all the other refinements associated with attending a Top-Notch Formal Gala Event... To allow even the lowly proletariat (including Single-Speeders on rigid steel frames) to the waltz aside the bourgeoisie, the entry fee is reasonable ($0.00), you are NOT required to hold a USCF license, and the parking is free so you have no excuses...Carbon products from foreign lands are discouraged, but acceptable. This event is the result of Jeremy Kershaw's practicalized inspiration gained from participating in both the Ragnarok 105 and the Almanzo 100 this spring. This event promises to be on par with the Ball that Cinderella attended back in the day!!!!!

The WEMS Metro Challenge race recap is almost finished...And get ready for the WEMS 100 miler in six dayz time @ Levis-Trow (an amazing course).

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