Monday, July 27, 2009

Get your postcards in for THE HECK OF THE NORTH. And ask NOT what the Heck of the North can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Heck of the North

As I rode my trusty Kelly Knobby X along aspects of the Heck of the North course (see link on the right side of page) a few dayz ago, I inexplicably began to experience an incomprehensible moistening of the eyes. The salty solution had the effect of escalating the event to include a deep sense of rapture of which I was completely unprepared for and thus momentarily found myself unable to continue pedaling. Stopped along the remote, yet beautiful gravel road lined with giant Norway pines, blubbering uncontrollably in a child-like manner, not unlike that of a scorned freshman co-ed on a prom date gone badly, I searched to make sense of this sudden and powerful emotional experience.

Was I profoundly sad, for had the world’s problems become too much to bear? Or were the tears a manifestation of sheer unadulterated joy? Suddenly struck by the pure majesty of it all, I realized that the tears were indeed a basic human response to a work of sublime art on the same par as the level of feeling inspired within my lofty manhood when I saw Poussin’s “The Inspiration of a Poet” so many years ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The course that I was riding upon, I realized, in that moment of ecstasy, designed by Kershaw, had become a true classical piece of art. A work that would, with the passage of time, take itz place among the truly grandiose and creative artistic marvels of the human experience. I wept unbridled tears of joy until dehydration forced me to consider a short-cut home to repose and beer(s)…….. Bravo Maestro Kershaw!!!

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