Thursday, May 10, 2007


According to Webster’s: snub (snuh/bah) v., snubbed, snubbing, n., adj. 1. to treat with disdain or contempt. 2. a disdainful affront or slight. 2. to obviously ignore...itz of Scandinavian origin; cf. Icelandic. In Iceland, “snubba” means to rebuke.

In any event, I am initiating a Snub-O-Meter that I will utilize from time to time in an effort to quantify my common experience of being snubbed by fellow bikers: [note, Dear fellow non-snubbers, please feel free to use this new measurement tool]

A “4” on the Snub-O-Meter translates into a full scale, in your face, “contemptuous” SNUB. Note: To earn a 4 it has to be obvious that the perpetrator is w/o ear-gear and it must involve a one-on-one encounter, like in the early a.m. on the Munger Trail where itz just two bikers passing on a narrow bike trail.

A “3” is a snub of disdain, but the circumstances are such that there is a slight chance that the snub was accidental. For example, this is a situation where perhaps the snubber is late for work, he’s had a fight with his wife and therefore this snubber is not a repeat offender.

A “2” is a snub of indifference. To qualify as a 2 the snubber must NOT make eye contact with the snubberee. This person may well be hung-over and is bitter. He may be riding the bike because he lost his truck due to five recent DUIs...This snubber has a lot going-on in his smallish brain.

A “1” is a snub of apathy and or ignorance. This snubber is uncomfortable on the bike, he is nervous; perhaps he is fleeing from the law. This is perhaps the only truly justifiable snub.

Quoting Quakers:
Rode in today to work on yet another glorious morning. On the way in I encountered one classic #4 snub by a guy on a road bike, complete with time trial handlebars and old school birdcage pedals...On the positive side I had two very nice exchanges with righteous commuters....2:1 Not bad...
90 minute ride into work, easy w/ a focus on high RPMs

Postscript: total- 4 hours and 53 minutes [293 minutes] Can you say, "Eye of the Tiger..." I am feelin' like Rocky when he took it to Apollo Creed!!!


  1. I don't know why people are so unfriendly when they ride their bikes. I wave and say hi to everyone, even if they pass me.

  2. What if the snubbeeee is on some strange chemical and is wearing headphones, has sweat on his glasses and has been riding for 5 plus hours in the 90 degree heat?
    I did that to Don the other day.......

  3. I like it when I come up on a guys wheel and then they glance back and then put the hammer down to try and drop me. Classic move by a novice. It just happened to me and Sam a couple days ago on the gate way trail