Sunday, July 8, 2007

A delightful afternoon spent at the UMD Theatre...then a special family primetime viewing Nature...and even a little time bike :).

Feeding the Rat but with a hint of culture: With nuclear family units accompanied by off-spring's friend, we embarked on foot to the UMD Theater's production of Frog & Toad[check out the pic, their on a SS tandem, it looks like a custom steel 29er!!!]...It was really great and if you live in Duluth or nearby, I recommend you go see it, especially if you have little tax deductions running around driving you crazy. Our young income-draining hyper-actives stayed focused and happy during the whole 90 minute performance...The music is delightful, the costumes are very bright, and the storyline is simple yet really captivating and at times very funny...upon returning I got a 100 minutes of good trail riding on the closeby singletrack and then to top off a day of drama, we watched Nature on PBS @ 7:00 p.m. Tonight's episode was titled "The Great Thirstland of the Kalahari." Now tell me thatz not an omen!...a cosmic sign that I should seriously consider riding that bad boy 24 hours @ 9 Mile!!!! Regarding developing a big-time thrist, certainly the next best thing to hangin' out in the Kalahari would be racing for 24 hours on a mountain bike in July in Central Wisconsin!!!!

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