Monday, July 23, 2007

Five days and counting down...24@9Mile :)

Really, letz be honest...There aint nothing a guy can do at this point 'cept hope against hope... Pray for good weather, that the demons stay at bay, and that if it comes down to it--the fabled hemlock juice won't be too bitter to drink...24@9Mile is just five dayz away!!!! Support? Today, my buddy asked me about what kind of support crew I have on deck to attend to my every need during the 24 hour race, I had to laugh...I aint got no support, in fact I am gonna probably end up in the dog house when I get home on Sunday night...just get me pointed in the right direction and I should be okay!!! So it goes for the consumate amateur... :)


  1. Sorry me and Sam will be busy drinking our fine wine and eating gourmet cheeses in France. But there is a MN A team formed with hopes of the Starz and Stripes. They wanted to form in secret so you will see who the fearsome foursome is when you get there.

    We will be at ore-to-shore and possibly welch though.

  2. You are more than welcome to jump into the camp with us and use our fine "go to " crew.
    His name is Luke and he's ready to fill bottles, party hard, and yell at us when we are cowards and don't want to head out for another lap.

    Dallas "really really looking forward to this weekend."